Mi'kmaq linguistic integrity: The Mi'kmawey School experience.

Battiste, M.  (1987). Mi’kmaq linguistic integrity:  The Mi'kmawey School experience.  In Jean Barman, Yvonne Hébert & Don McCaskill (Eds.), Indian education in Canada: The challenge, Vol. II (pp. 107-125). Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press

This case study of  Mi'kmawey  School describes  a  bilingual,  bicultural  education  program  in  Nova  Scotia  and  the  crisis  which  gave  rise  to  it.  The  school's  philosophy  emphasizes  self-awareness and  independent  learning.  When an all-Mi'kmaw  certified staff took over  in  1984,  the  change  made  a significant  difference  in  the school.  This paper describes the program they developed, parental involvement in the school, and teachers’ roles.  The account is impressive, leaving no wonder that the school has become a role model for other Mi'kmaq communities.

256 pp.  

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