St. Ann's Day Mission, Chapel Island

Marshall, L., & Boudreau, L.  (1983, August).  St. Ann's Day Mission, Chapel Island.  Cape Breton's Magazine, 40, 31-43. 


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Article contains interviews with Grand Captain Noel Marshall, interviewed by Lillian Marshall and Lynda Boudreau, and an interview with Sarah Denny.  Also contains a recollection called "At St. Ann's Day Mission Day 1923" by Elsie Clews Parsons.

Introduction, with Grand Captain Noel Marshall and his memories of early missions, role of the Grand Council, and changes to the mission over the year’s 3p.  "At St. Anne's Mission Day, 1923" looks at the set up of the village and the etiquette observed during the mission, Procession Day, crawling to St. Anne's, and the acclamation of chiefs.  8p.  Final interview with Sarah Denny discusses cures at the mission and religious customs including burial rites. 

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