The Metallic Migmaq-English Reference Dictionary. First Edition

Emmanuel N. Metallic, Danielle E. Cyr & Alexandre Sévigny (2005). The Metallic Migmaq-English Reference Dictionary. First Edition. Saint-NicholasLes Presses de l'Université Laval.

In many ways, this book is the first of its kind in the field of Aboriginal language lexicography. Side by side with the talking dictionary Mi'gmaq-Mi'kmaq Online (, it is the first Mìgmaq dictionary to be entirely written by a native speaker of the Mìgmaq language with the assistance and guidance of his Mìgmaq Elders, from their own perspective and in their own words. It is also a first of its kind in that it combines the features of a bilingual dictionary with those of a reference dictionary. Instead of providing a reverse word list (English to Mìgmaq) at the end of the volume, our dictionary comes with a stand alone CD-ROM allowing the user to search words both in Mìgmaq and English fields

ISBN 2-7637-8015-6

375 pp.

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