The Spirit of Annie Mae

Martin, C.A. (Director, Narrator), Martin, Kent (Producer), Pictou-Maloney, D. (Readings) & Baker, A. (Narration Writer).  (2002).  The spirit of Annie Mae [Documentary].  Canada:  National Film Board of Canada. 

CBU/NFBC - NFB 1644  

Anna Marie Pictou-Aquash was a leading Native American political activist. A Mi'kmaw Indian born in Nova Scotia, she was killed execution-style on a desolate road in South Dakota in 1976, when she was only thirty years of age. The murderer(s) remain mystery. She was a leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a militant First Nations organization, and participated in the Wounded Knee uprising. This documentary chronicles the life of Pictou, including her efforts to obtain civil rights for aboriginal peoples and her poignant death. This film is a tribute from the women who were closest to her.

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