Values, customs and traditions of the Mi’kmaq nation

Marshall, M.  (1997). Values,  customs and traditions of the Mi’kmaq nation. In R. Joe and L. Choyce (Eds.),  The Mi’kmaq anthology (pp. 51-63).  Lawrencetown Beach, NS: Pottersfield Press.


286 pp. 


UCB/MRC - Report #149 MRC 99-149-812 [unpublished manuscript version of article that appears in 'The Mi'kmaq Anthology']


ISBN  1895900042, 9781895900040


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Discussion of the code of ethics and oral traditions of the Mi'kmaw people.  Focuses on the spirit in nature, respect for the human spirit, sharing, sanctity of language, death as a natural phenomenon, concept of non-interference, ageing, the supernatural, humility, humour, sweet grass ceremony, 'Indian' time, healing, child care, body language, ceremonies, dreams, respect for children and elders, and food.


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