Garamond Press

Garamond Press the first Canadian-owned book publisher to focus on the university and college market. The archives of Garamond Press consist of three series: Administrative, Editorial (author projects, editorial correspondence, editorial rejects, and book reviews), and Network Foundation for Educational Publishing. In 2005 Garamond Press was sold to Broadview Press of Calgary. In 2008, University of Toronto Press (UTP) officially purchased the Broadview Press publishing lists in Anthropology, History, Politics, and Sociology, as well as the Garamond imprint. Roy MacSkimming has been associated with publishing since 1964 when he worked as an editor with Clarke, Irwin. His archives with regard to The Perilous Trade consist of 88 interviews, sound recordings of interviews, research materials, early drafts and other pieces of writing associated with The Perilous Trade, and correspondence. Eight interviews (Gladys E. Neale, James Douglas, Valerie Hussey, Louise Dennys, John Metcalf, Anna Porter, Francess Halpenny, and Robin Farr) are featured in Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing.

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