Purich Publishing Ltd.

Founded in 1992, Purich Publishing Ltd. is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based publisher specializing in books on Aboriginal, legal, and western Canadian issues. It has focused on these areas because they reflect the interests of founding publisher, Donald Purich. Prior to starting Purich Publishing, Don served for eleven years as Director of the University of Saskatchewan Native Law Centre. He has also practiced law, has taught law, and has written extensively on Aboriginal, legal, and agricultural issues. We have expanded our program to include books on social justice issues, as well.

After practicing law for nineteen years, Karen Bolstad joined Purich Publishing on a full-time basis in 1999. We are the mainstays of Purich Publishing, although we have one person working for us part-time. We also have many people working with us on a contract basis doing editorial, page design and layout, cover design, indexing, and proofreading.

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