Randolph (Randy) Bowers

Randy respectfully affiliates with Bear River and Acadia First Nations, where his family have longstanding ties documented back to the early and mid 1600s. His father, Joe Bowers and paternal grandmother, Honora Richard-Bowers came via Charlos Cove, on the Eastern Shore, where their Mi'kmaq-French family found refuge after the Expulsion. Joe joined the Navy, and later taught himself carpentry and electronics. Randy’s mother, Jeanette Collins-Bowers was employed as a secretary. Randy graduated from St Patrick’s High School, in Halifax. During 1990, he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Philosophy, in the top 3% of his class, at Mount St Vincent University (MSVU). Randy attended MSVU in a Master of Human Ecology and Family Life Education, while working in counselling. During 1996, he completed a Master of Education in Counselling at Acadia University. During 1998, he received a PhD scholarship in Australia at the University of New England (UNE), and graduated during 2002. Dr Bowers has taught in universities ever since, holding positions with Australian, Canadian, United Kingdom, and Irish campuses.

Dr Bowers has published over two hundred works focused in Indigenous studies; counselling and allied health; and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and Two Spirit studies; and contributes to an understanding of traditional medicine, culture and spirituality. Dr Bowers is an Associate Scholar with the Centre for World Indigenous Studies in the USA. He is Founding Editor of the international research journal Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Health, sponsored by the Australian Counselling Association. He has received national awards for his work within the counselling profession in Australia. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Studies with the School of Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, UNE; an Adjunct Senior Lecturer and Faculty Mentor in Psychology with Warnborough College, Ireland; and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychotherapy with Warnborough College, Canterbury, UK. He is Founding Editor and Author Mentor with Earth Rattle Publishing, a global project assisting Indigenous authors achieve publication. He lives in the mountains of New South Wales, Australia with partner and family.

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