A gift to heal (1995)
Sherise N. Paul   |  

Paul, S.N.  (1995).  Mrs. Jessie Jeddore:  A gift to heal [paper required for a course in the History Department at the University College of Cape Breton].  Unpublished manuscript, Mi'kmaq Resource Centre, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia   


CBU/MRC - Report #203 MRC 99-203-1062

Paper on the healing powers of Mrs. Jessie Jeddore based in part on her extensive use and knowledge of various herbal remedies.  Recounts instances of her cures and describes many of the herbs she used, including: caraway seeds - puistikna'jk, winter greens - ka'qaju'mann, peppermint plants - plamuipkl, strawberry roots - atuomkominaqsi, cow lily - pako'si, trillium - wiwamulamunipkek, fir balsam - wisapeklaw, sarsperilla - kji'ka'wapi, gold threads - wisawtaqji'jkl, ground hemlock - kastik, swamp root - wijkanmusi, dogwood trees - psemusi, pumpkin seeds - ejkujkl skinaminn, cherry bark - maskwe'smanaqsi, princess pine - pusipqaji'jit, alder bush - tupsi, juniper bush - kinikwejituaqsi,  and silver threads - wisawtaqjijkl.


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