Aboriginal rights litigation

Dorey, D.A. &  Magnet, J.E. (Eds.).  (2003).  Aboriginal rights litigation.  Markham, Ontario:  LexisNexis Canada.

491 pp. 

DAL/Dunn - KB 79.I6 A17 c.2

DAL/Dunn -  KB 79.I6 A17 

NSCC/Cumberland Campus - KE 7709 A76 2003 

NSCC/Water front Campus - KE 7709 A76 2003

ISBN 0433444037, 9780433444039

This collection of essays grew out of a series of meetings, seminars and a conference organized by the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. It is a comprehensive discussion of aboriginal rights litigation as it applies to off-reserve Aboriginal peoples - a population that comprises approximately 70% of the total native population in Canada.

Under the editorship of Dwight A. Dorey, National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and Professor Joseph E. Magnet, the Congress's principal lawyer and General Counsel, the volume contains leading work from top aboriginal legal scholars from across the country.

The volume is divided into three sections:

  • Aboriginal Identity Off Reserve
  • Aboriginal Litigation: Perspectives&; Strategies
  • Aboriginal Litigation: Doctrine
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