Dwight Dorey

Dwight is a Mi'kmaq from Nova Scotia. He is widely recognized as an outstanding negotiator, communicator and visionary. Through a 30-year career, he has made major strides forward for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples in furthering human rights, Treaty rights, business, educational and employment opportunities.

Dwight served on his First Nation Band Council and most recently served as National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, a position for which he was elected to three consecutive terms (2000-2006).

He attended and made interventions at numerous international forums such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the World Conference on Science. He has lectured at universities and public forums around the country on a broad range of topics, including human rights, Aboriginal Treaty rights, self-government and cultural awareness.

Dwight served as co-chair to the Native Council of Canada's Constitutional Committee in the early 1990s during Canada's Constitutional Meetings of First Ministers and was an active participant in the negotiations of The Charlottetown Accord. Having broad experience and an open mind, bridged by two cultures, he has an instinctive ability to quickly assess situations and develop contingencies.

In addition to his employment with EnCana, Dwight leads the ABCAN Affairs Group, as Founder, President and CEO. He holds a Masters degree from Carleton University in Canadian Studies.

He has authored and co-authored several publications including: ‘Legal Aspect of Aboriginal Busines Development,' ‘Aboriginal Rights Litigation,' and ‘Aboriginal Self-Government for the Mi'kmaq People of Nova Scotia: Essential Features of a Workable Model.'


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