Humanity: The search for place

Bowers, Randolph (2013) Humanity: The search for place, Earth Rattle Publishing, Armidale

Humanity: The Search for Place is a poetry collection with an intensive youthful honesty and an old-soul-maturity. Together these capacities produce a confronting depth of observation into the human condition that opens a pathway for others. Nearly crushed by the power of human contingency, if you stay with the darkness just long enough, a great mystery will transform your consciousness. Commitment to truth combined with courage to face your fear brings an outcome that is astounding. First you feel a jumble of emotion like shock, horror, repulsion, despair, loss of hope. Then the silence of the desert nearly consumes you. Then there is a surrendering acknowledgement that humanity is broken. Then you are able to let go and to be. Then there is a profound darkness, like a waiting for someone who never arrives. And then without your choosing, from the heart of darkness comes small glimmers of objective truth. Like a tiny candle in the vastness of space, truth speaks. Slowly, without being aware, you are changed.

Pages: 94

ISBN: 9780987438744 (pbk.) ISBN: 9780987438751 (ebook)

Permission to use book cover image,Humanity: The search for place,(2013) granted © Earth Rattle Publishing

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