Lnu and Indians We’re Called

Joe, R. (1991). Lnu and Indians We're Called. Charlottetown, PEI: Ragweed Press.

70 pp.

ISBN: 0-921556-22-5

I try to have a positive outlook on life, and to reflect that in my writing. We all have hard times, but we cannot dwell on negative things. When I was one of the winners in the Literary Competition of the Nova Scotia Writers Federation, I remember thinking, "Now my people will think, if she can do it so can I." So, my context for writing is a positive one, and in my lectures at universities and schools I emphasize that point—no negativity. One way for native people to experience the positive parts of their culture is through spiritual productiveness. This is what I try to convey—there is a great need to tell our story in 1991, more than ever.

From back cover: "With this collection, celebrated Micmac Indian, Rita Joe, expands upon her desire to communicate gently with her own people, and reach out to the wider community of Canadians. On the eve of the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the Americas, Rita Joe once again extends her hand to us in friendship, and reminds us of the native culture that was here long before the Europeans. These new poems compel us to listen."

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