Song of Eskasoni: More Poems of Rita Joe

Joe, R. (1988) Song of Eskasoni: More Poems of Rita Joe. Charlottetown, PEI: Ragweed Press.

88 pp.

ISBN: 0-920304-85-0

From back cover: "I was born in Whycocomagh in 1932. When mother died in 1937 there were many foster homes until I was twelve years old. I put myself into the Indian Residential School in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. That school plays an important part in my life, along with native upbringing by many mothers.

     My education is by my people—I have a front seat to see and feel their needs, the major one being that we, too, live with ideal productiveness. The label is deeply rooted and the stroke of a native pen does wonders, especially for the coming generation.

     The importance of my country is why I try to portray the Indian as they are, so that others may see the part we play in our society. If I get too sentimental in my choice of words, excuse me. I have to call attention to the gentle people of Canada. My song is gentle, bear with me. I still want to offer my hand in friendship, the Indian of today." — Rita Joe

These poems read like a mosaic of life seen through the lens of Rita Joe's eyes. Her attention to the energy of those who are living around and with her is startling.

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