Ntui'katikn - Mi'kmaq sentence pattern picture dictionary

Battiste, M., Marshall, M., Paul, E., Sylliboy, B., & Steve, A. (1989). Ntui'katikn - Mi'kmaq sentence pattern picture dictionary [in Mi'kmaq and English]. Eskasoni, NS: Pemek Cultural Centre &  Eskasoni School Board.

150 pp.

CBU/MRC: MG12,1 MRC 2000-1-1247 File #50 David Schmidt Papers

Pictorial dictionary of Mi'kmaq words and phrases and their English equivalents. Entries arranged by the following subjects: Family (people, home, responsibilities, physical description); Health & Nutrition (food and eating utensils, body/illness, clothing, oneself); Leisure (vacation/travel, sports/activities); Environment (climate and weather, calendar/time, animals, insects, birds, trees/plants, physical description).  Material is geared to elementary school level.

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