On the Threshold: Personal Transformation and Spiritual Awakening - A Primer on the Spiritual Life with Activitie

Bowers, Randolph (2013) On the threshold:Personal transformation and spiritual awakening- A primer on the spirtual life with activities , Earth Rattle Publishing, Armidale

As a personal mirror for self-awareness and growth, On the Threshold is a practical guidebook for the development of spiritual strengths and capacities. Reflective narrative chapters followed by activities encourage experiential learning, assisting the reader to integrate their knowledge in practice. Themes that guide the work relate to ancient and contemporary methods of awakening that are grounded within relations of respect for ecology, family and the earth around us. The chapters are built symbolically around an eightfold path guided by the sacred directions of western mysticism. Topics include learning about your personal potential and spiritual power; actively becoming conscious and making decisions about your personal growth and spiritual life; regaining the spirit of youth; awakening the elder within; acknowledging personal strengths while attending weaknesses in supportive ways; learning from and engaging helpful reflection on life’s mistakes and hardships; coming to terms with your identity and place in the world; and awakening to your inner purpose and destiny as self-defined by your own journey in personal transformation. On the Threshold provides a direct and simple pragmatic application of ancient and contemporary spiritual, cultural, social and psychological principles and teachings. The book makes spiritual awakening an accessible process for anyone who is just beginning or who is further along on the path of human and spiritual development.

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