The Paq'tnkek Mi'kmaq and Ka't (American Eel)

The Mi'kmaq have a deep and rich relationship with Ka't (American eel Anguilla rostrata). While the Mi'kmaq continue to harvest Ka'tfor food,
their relations with and use of eel also embody important cultural meanings and practices. Ka't occupies a notable place within many ceremonial
settings, is used for medicinal purposes and, as a consequence of the ways in which Ka't is shared, is central to traditional relations of
reciprocity. Implications for the revitalisation and empowerment of Indigenous cultures are drawn from the lessons evident in this case study.

Davis, A., Prosper, K., Wagner, J. & Paulette, M.J.  (2004).  The Paq'tnkek Mi'kmaq and Ka't (American Eel).  A case study of cultural relations, meanings and prospects.  The Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 24(2), 359-390. 

Permission granted to use book cover image, Canadian Journal of Native Studies Vol. 24. (2)  © Canadian Journal of Native Studies

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