Traditional legends: Meanings on many levels.

Hatcher, A.M., Kavanagh, S., Bartlett, C. & Marshall, M.  (2009).  Traditional legends: Meanings on many levels.   Green Teacher , 86, 14-17. 

CBU/MRC - Pam#477 MRC 2010-477-3319

An introductory lesson for teenagers in astronomy, using an Indigenous legend as a guide for observing celestial changes through the seasons.

Note:  This Special Issue (86) of Green Teacher called 'Two-Eyed Seeing: Integrative Science' contains several other articles about 'two-eyed seeing' – the intersection of western and Indigenous thought–  but only two with Murdena Marshall as the author.  The full compilation of articles are: 'Two-Eyed Seeing', medicine, and legends: 1.Two Eyed Seeing: A Cross-Cultural Science Journey 2. MSIT: Transdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural Science 3. Traditional Medicines: How Much Is Enough?  4. Traditional Legends: Meanings on Many Levels 5. From Scared to Sacred: Changing Our Relationship to Nature through Story 6. Bridging the Gap: Integrating Indigenous Knowledge & Science   7. Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun   8. Two-Eyed Seeing in a School District 10. Money from the Sea: A Cross-Cultural Indigenous Science Activity. 

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