We are the Dreamers: Recent and Early Poetry

Joe, R. (1999). We are the Dreamers: Recent and Early Poetry. Wreck Cove, NS: Breton Books.

96 pp.

ISBN: 1-895415-46-2

From website: "A book of new poems from Cape Breton Mi`kmaw writer Rita Joe, Order of Canada recipient and respected spokesperson. WE ARE THE DREAMERS is really two books: Rita Joe`s recent poetry and her rare, long-out-of print first book, called 'Poems of Rita Joe.' Together, these poems offer evidence of her continuing journey to understand and to share the unique combination of native spirituality and Christianity that is her daily life. She faces the pain and joy of our lives together, the elements we share, and the gifts we have for one another and she writes with remarkable clarity and sympathy. There is nothing soft here. Rita Joe is a survivor of her own 'gentle war,' a reporter from the front lines. Her poems are small, tough monuments, left in our care. This book is a keeper. 'I am only a housewife with a dream To bring laughter to the sad eyes of my people, And trusting the anchor we live by To complete the woven tale we are still telling.'"

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