First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds

Battiste, M., & Barman, J. (Eds.). (1995). First Nations Education in Canada: The Circle Unfolds. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

375 pp.

ISBN: 9780774805179

Eastern Door: Reconceptualizing First Nations Education 
1. Towards a Redefinition of Indian Education 
2. Peacekeeping Actions at Home: A Medicine Wheel Model for a Peacekeeping Pedagogy 
3. Redefining Science Education for Aboriginal Students 
Southern Door: Connecting with and Maintaining Our Relations 
4. Aboriginal Epistemology 
5. Quaslametko and Yetko: Two Grandmother Models for Contemporary Native Education Pedagogy 
6. Language and Cultural Content in Native Education 
7. Learning Processes and Teaching Roles in Native Education: Cultural Base and Cultural Brokerage 
Western Door: Meeting the Challenge of Incoherence 
8. A Major Challenge for the Education System: Aboriginal Retention and Dropout 
9. Teacher Education and Aboriginal Opposition 
10. The Challenge for Universities 
11. Non-Native Teachers Teaching in Native Communities 
Northern Door: Transforming First Nations Education 
12. Treaties and Indian Education 
13. Taking Control: Contradiction and First Nations Adult Education 
14. Locally Developed Native Studies Curriculum: An Historical and Philosophical Rationale 
15. The Sacred Circle: An Aboriginal Approach to Healing Education at an Urban High School 

This Cover is reprinted with permission of the Publisher from First Nations Education in Canada (1995) © University of British Columbia Press.


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