Micmac Literacy and Cognitive Assimilation

Battiste, M. (2011). Micmac Literacy and Cognitive Assimilation.  In M. Cannon & L. Sunseri (Eds.), Racism, colonialism and indigeneity in Canada (pp 165-173). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

352 pp.

ISBN: 0195432312, 9780195432312

Is a reprint of Battiste, M. (1986). Micmac Literacy and Cognitive Assimilation. In J. Barman, Y. Hebert, & D. McCaskill (Eds.). Indian Education in Canada, Volume 1: The Legacy (pp. 23-44). Vancouver: UBC Press.

Permission granted to use book cover image, Racism, colonialism and indigeneity in Canada (2011) © Oxford University Press

Cover photography by Brenden Jemison

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